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How and when can I register for class?

Registration begins six weeks before the beginning of each session on this website. You may also register by emailing Stacy Fifer at stacy.fifer@frenchinstitute.net. If you register by email, you may pay by check or cash. You can register as late as the day of the first class. However, classes are limited to 10 students, so you are encouraged to register in advance. Payment in full 10 days before the class begins is required to reserve your spot in a class.

If a class is full, can I add my name to a waiting list?

You may add your name to a waiting list, if a class is full. If any spots open in the class, they will be given to students in the order that they signed up for the waiting list. To add your name to the waiting list, please send an email to stacy.fifer@frenchinstitute.net.

Each course must have a minimum of 3 students enrolled, or it will be cancelled. Maximum enrollment for each course is 10.

What are the minimum and maximum enrollments for courses?

Can I get a refund?

If a class does not have sufficient enrollment, your tuition will be refunded. If you choose to withdraw from a class before the last week of registration, your tuition will be refunded. If your tuition is refunded because you withdraw from the class, no refund will be given for any transaction fee charged to the Institute for your payment.

If the instructor needs to cancel a class due to either sickness or an emergency, you will be refunded your money for that particular class.

What happens if the instructor cancels a class during the session?

If you miss a class, you may attend the same class offered at another time if that class is not full. You may also choose instead to attend a class of the same level (i.e., beginning, intermediate, or advanced) at another time.

Can I attend a make-up class, if I am absent?

You may transfer to another course as long as the other course is not already full and is the appropriate level. No tranfers are allowed after the second week of class.

Can I change courses?

Can teens register for courses?

Courses are open to mature 12-18 year olds. However, the class ratio of teen to adult may not exceed 1:1. Each class will have at least as many adults as teens. The adults who have had teens in class have found the multigenerational classroom to be stimulating and engaging. All 12-18 year olds will receive an orientation handout about how to integrate into an adult classroom.