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Susan Boldrey

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Susan Boldrey lived in France three years during which she taught English in a French high school and in a French university. She has her Ph.D. in French from Northwestern University where she did her dissertation in Quebec on "La Chanson Québécoise: Reflet Social d'un Peuple." Her Masters from the University of Illinois involved Francophone Literature and Poetry. She has a double Bachelor's in French and Music Education and a minor in Spanish from Northeastern Illinois University. In addition to teaching French and Spanish in schools and universities, Susan was the director of Public Affairs for the Quebec Government in the Midwest and has been a world language consultant for publishers here and in Canada.

Susan loves to teach. She is at home with students of all ages, all levels, and all backgrounds. She believes that EVERYONE can learn. She enthusiastically leads her students on an enjoyable discovery of communication in French and sensitive cultural understanding through her zest for French and for new cultures. Culture and language are inseparable. Communication in French is the name of our journey together at l'Institut Français d'Oak Park. BON VOYAGE!