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Summer 2019 Session II: August 26-September 5

Beginning French Conversation IV/V Review

Beginning French Conversation IV/V Review


Practice skills you have learned in Beginning French IV and V – choosing the correct past tense, using relative pronouns and object pronouns, choosing between “c’est” or “il/elle est,” using the future tense – to help you better integrate the French you know. If you have yet to take Beginning French Conversation V, you will be getting a preview of your next class, which will be helpful when the material is introduced in that class. Class meets for a total of 4 hours.

Instructor morning section: Stacy E. Fifer, Ph.D.

Instructor evening section: Jane Cope

*You may register on this site by paying with a credit card, or you may register using another form of payment by emailing stacy.fifer@frenchinstitute.net.

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